For the end of Chapter 2 Season 2, “Fortnite” went underwater.

“Fortnite” publisher Epic Games marked the end of its current season with it’s latest in-game spectacle, as a mysterious orb in Midas’ office in HQ was finally put to use. At the end of the countdown, pillars rose from the water and the orb, sitting on a pedestal, fed energy to the pillars and the edges of the map, taking players up into the sky as a cyclone raged above. Twice, players switched to a first-person perspective in an office environment, with a character who was later revealed to be Jonesy chattering about the storm.

When players returned to the map, the storm was replaced by water, and The Agency was destroyed. Players could resume normal battle royale game mode and, although it looks like the map is now underwater, could run and move normally.

It’s unclear if this is what the map will continue to look like when Season 3 officially starts on Thursday. It pretty much confirms fan theories, though, that much of the season will be water-themed.

Players were allowed to join the event 30 minutes before it kicked off, and a mere minute after the event was opened up, “Fortnite’s” support Twitter account announced that the event was already “at capacity,” encouraging those who didn’t get in within the first minute to watch via stream.

Chapter 2 Season 2 had gone on a little longer than usual, with the start of Chapter 3 being delayed a few times: it was originally set for April 30, then June 4, then June 11 to make sure it was ready for launch. Epic pushed it back again two weeks ago due to “recent events,” most likely referring to the protests against police brutality and racism in the wake of George Floyd’s death.