Disney Plus roared out of the gate, signing up 28.6 million subscribers less than three months after its debut. And despite Disney Plus’ smaller content lineup, about half of Americans said they think the Mouse House service is just as good as category leader Netflix, according to a new survey by consumer-research firm Piplsay.

Asked “How does Disney Plus compare to Netflix?”, 49% of those surveyed said Disney Plus is “as good as” Netflix. Around 28% said it’s not as good — while 23% said they think Disney Plus is better.

In addition, 37% of U.S. adults surveyed said Disney Plus is better than Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. About 42% said Disney Plus is as good as Hulu (21% said not as good) and 40% said Disney Plus is as good as Prime Video (23% said not as good).

Among those who were Disney Plus subscribers, 64% said they took the standalone service (priced at $6.99 per month) and 36% said they subscribed to the Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus bundle ($12.99 per month), per the survey.

All that said, as with any such research, it’s important to keep in mind that what people say on a survey doesn’t always line up with their actual behavior.

Notably, some 37% of U.S. consumers Piplsay polled claimed they have subscribed to Disney Plus — a percentage that seems disproportionately high: Out of the estimated 120 million U.S. households as of 2018, that figure implies north of 40 million Disney Plus accounts in the U.S. alone (although password-sharing could account for some of the discrepancy). Meanwhile, 36% of respondents who said they subscribed to Disney Plus said they canceled another streaming service at the same time, which also seems high given that Netflix actually added U.S. subscribers in Q4.

For the study, Piplsay, a division of South Carolina-based Market Cube, said it surveyed 63,833 U.S. adults 18 and older in January 2020. The researcher did not disclose an estimated margin of error.

Other findings from the survey:

  • Among Disney Plus subscribers, 39% said they watched animated movies the most, while 34% said TV shows and 27% said live-action films.
  • About 28% of Disney Plus subscribers said they watched Disney-branded content the most on the service, followed by Marvel (19%), Pixar (18%), Star Wars (16%) and National Geographic (12%); 7% cited other brands, such as shows like “The Simpsons” and “Little Einsteins.”
  • Asked “When you subscribed to Disney Plus, who did you primarily do it for?,” 47% of men said “myself,” 37% said their kids and 16% said their partner; among women, 41% said “myself,” 47% said their kids and 12% said their partner.
  • The top U.S. states where Disney Plus subscribers reside are Utah and Kentucky (54% of respondents in each state said they subscribed to the service), Idaho (53%) and Louisiana (43%). States with the least percentage of Disney Plus subs were Wisconsin and Maine (23%) South Dakota (27%) and West Virginia and Wyoming (29% each).