Viaplay, Scandinavia’s leading streaming service, has ordered “Delete Me,” a Norwegian form series skewing young adults and headlined by cast of up-and-comers.

Written and directed by Marie Kristiansen (“Young and Promising”), the series uses innovative narrative techniques to explore vital contemporary topics such as cyber-bullying, hacking and exclusion. Each episode of 20 minutes is told in reverse time order.

“Delete Me” stars Amalia Holm (“The Girl in the Spider’s Web”) and Thea Sofie Loch Næss (“Wisting”), as well as Swedish actress Happy Jankell (“The Ambassador”).

The series follows teenage girls Marion and Marit through the infamous Norwegian graduation ritual ‘Russetiden.’ As
they come of age in a culture where appearance and status are valued more than anything else, they discover that a seemingly insignificant act of jealousy can be picked up online and change lives forever. ld in reverse time order across seven 20-minute episodes,

“Delete Me” is produced by Pål Kruke Kristiansen (“Lilyhammer”) at Einar Film and will premiere exclusively on Viaplay in late 2020. It’s currently filming in Oslo.

“The internet never forgets – and the psychological and social consequences of sharing one picture too many can last a lifetime,” said Filippa Wallestam, NENT Group Chief Content Officer. “Delete Me” is based on in-depth conversations with young people, and combines a new generation of Norwegian talents with distinctive storytelling and captivating visuals to show just how difficult growing up in 2020 can be,” added the exec.

Wallestam pointed out the company has had great success with its Norwegian originals, notably “Wisting” which was highly rated in the Nordic region and beyond.

Viaplay will be premiering about 30 original productions in 2020. Recent shows include “Couple Trouble,” “Box 21,” “The Art of Living,” and season three of “Occupied,” among others.