An exhibition offering visitors the opportunity to experience the process of content development will be staged during the inaugural edition of the Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) to explore the future possibilities of content convergence.

“There are many possibilities for a story. It can become a product, a video game, a card game, or it can be a song, a TV show or a film. A strong spirited story can be transformed into various forms of expression, and we are starting to cultivate this in Taiwan,” said Frank Huang, the curator of Story Exchange, which runs from Wednesday to Friday at Le Meridien Taipei.

Story Exchange takes its inspiration from the design of an amusement arcade, said Huang, who is also the curator of Taiwan’s exhibition at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021. He is also head of Double-Grass, the organizer of the Taipei Art Book Fair, which concluded on Sunday. Visitors pose as investors in the content industries and given play coins so that they can “invest” in the stories they like as they roam through the exhibition, he said.

Huang said the exhibition will present various stages of story development, from work-in-progress to its transformation into different forms. The show will also feature different performances for the audience to have a taste of content convergence and reflect on the future of Taiwan’s content industries, he said.

“Content creators need to think of different forms of expression so that they can produce more layered output, and this is just beginning in Taiwan,” Huang said. He said that interdisciplinary collaboration will thrive as Taiwan further develops its content industries.

“In the past, Taiwan did not have a great deal of confidence to produce a lot of cool projects. But the past few years saw a breakthrough and we have much greater confidence in our own creative works,” he said.

“The process might appear to be a little chaotic, but the flexibility and lively character of Taiwanese people allow them to develop works that have great potential.”