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The Hack to Working Smarter in Media and Entertainment Today (Featuring a Game That Shows It)

Rev’s artificial intelligence-driven speech-to-text, transcriptionists and captionists can speed up and smooth out your remote workflows

Rev.com Working Smarter
Courtesy of Rev.com

The media and entertainment landscape has changed so dramatically in 2020 that it’s now more like tiny islands … floating on molten lava. It’s uncomfortable, lonely, ever-shifting — and there doesn’t seem to be any good place to rest. 

The entire industry has become about survival. Creators and producers alike have leveraged new ways to attack old problems, to get faster and smarter, and to reach stuck-at-home audiences who are hungrier than ever for content.

The Remote Shift is More Than Temporary

One big reason to rethink how you work? Remote work isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And more companies are realizing the virtues in the model. According to a recent survey conducted by PwC, 55% of media and telecom company executives plan to make remote work a permanent option for roles that allow it. Media and entertainment professionals are already adapting how they do their jobs — and the longer they work remotely, the more opportunity they’ll have to optimize those workflows.

There’s no doubt that remote work poses a challenge to this industry in particular. It can slow down review and approval processes, and at a time when the demand for new media to consume is so high, you can’t afford to underdeliver. (Seriously. PwC found that the shortage of new episodic content due to COVID-19 production delays and shutdowns, along with the resulting glut of reruns, could result in more than $3.5 billion in lost ad revenue for broadcasters.)

Survival is the Name of the Game

The biggest shift the pros are now embracing: digital transformation. Particularly, they’re breaking free of legacy production systems to use the cloud and using speech-to-text AI to optimize their workflows, save money, and simply make better stuff. Rev.com, the fastest and most accurate speech-to-text service, knows all about media and entertainment and its new focus on surviving the digital transformation — and we do mean literally.

With Rev’s new (and ridiculous) choose-your-own-adventure game — dubbed Content Quest 2020 — you can adopt the role of a video editor, distribution manager, podcast producer, or journalist, and see for yourself how to survive your own work day, and improve it in the long run. Can you make it to the end? Play it now to find out. (Make it to the end and you’ll be entered to win an Amazon gift card.)

Hint: Use Rev’s transcripts and captions to solve your problems, and you’ll avoid getting eaten by the giant chipmunk.

Whether or not you play Content Quest 2020 (and you should, because it’s a blast), it’s still important to know how transcription and captions are the hack that can make your life a lot easier. 

Trimming the Fat from Your Workflow

Teams need easy ways to collaborate and trim the fat from their workflows while working remotely. That’s where speech-to-text services (like Rev) can save you and your team a lot of time and prevent a lot of headaches, from speeding up the editing process when you can’t physically be in the studio to helping your content reach a wider audience.

Transcription gives you the power to make your audio or video searchable, allowing you to find those big moments in your story, structure your narrative, index old content and collaborate much faster. You don’t have to endure sifting through hours of footage; simply search for the line from that key scene and keep it moving. 

Or maybe you’re a podcast producer. Transcripts will not only help you edit that four-hour interview you just recorded — they’ll also enable you to repurpose that audio as written content, which is great for search engine optimization or blog creation. 

And for distribution managers, Rev captioning is a simple and fast option to help keep your content compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, broaden its reach, ensure accessibility and reduce overall distribution costs, all without sacrificing quality.

The media and entertainment industry is quickly figuring out ways to survive the treacherous terrain that is 2020, but rethinking workflows through the lens of digital transformation will help the industry thrive in the future. With Rev’s leading speech-to-text AI and our community of more than 50,000 transcribers and captioners in your corner, there’s no boss battle that you can’t win. 

And good news: You can get a $15 try-us-out coupon if you complete the Content Quest 2020 game.