Tribeca Film Institute and TechRow announced on Friday that the two organizations will be partnering to bring interactive education to students in New York.

As children are learning from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the groups will provide TFI-supported programs on the students’ school accounts to help inspire the young learners to become educated storytellers. The projects will be available to students at Thurgood Marshall Academy and New Design Middle School in Harlem.

“Premium, inclusive and immersive media are critically needed in education. Tribeca Film Institute is a world leader in all of these categories and our partnership will elevate the way our students can learn during one of the most critical times in the history of education,” said Travis Feldler, founder and CEO of TechRow, in a statement.

The initiative will launch in May in an effort to build a new national model that takes advantage of technology to “close the digital divide.” It also hopes to inspire children to embrace their future economy with proper education.

“TechRow is doing the crucial work of democratizing immersive media so that it is accessible to students who might not have otherwise had the means,” said Amy Hobby, executive director at Tribeca Film Institute. “We’re excited to partner with this organization to ensure that students at Thurgood Marshall Academy can use our supported projects as a tool to learn, explore, and create their own stories.”

Tribeca Film Institute provides aspiring filmmakers and storytellers from underprivileged communities the opportunities to gain resources and tools to push them into their budding careers. TechRow is an education organization that uses technology to educate in classroom environments.