Sofar Sounds — which has made a name and a business for itself by staging “secret gigs and intimate concerts” featuring emerging artists for an invited, engaged audience — is among the many businesses in the live-entertainment space that have been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic. While it was thriving both as a platform — it staged more than 10,000 concerts last year in North American and Europe — and a business, obviously it’s had to postpone its normal operations for the immediate future.

However, the company has launched a daily “Listening Room” livestream to support independent artists through the pandemic, where viewers can donate to artists directly or to the Sofar Global Artist Fund.

The company stresses that 100% of the money donated will be distributed to artists. Last week, the company announced plans to pay advances to artists for canceled shows (more info HERE).

Upcoming Live Streams — more shows will be announced in the coming days, head here for an updated calendar.

Monday, March 30
7pm ET – Deal Casino from New York

Tuesday, March 31
7pm ET – Jake Wesley Rogers from Nashville

Wednesday, April 1
3pm ET – Lily Moore from London

Thursday, April 2
3pm ET – Lila Drew from Los Angeles

April 3
7pm EST – Ben Cosgrove from Boston

April 4
3pm EST – OKIEM from London

April 5
7pm EST – Copilot from Boston

April 6
3pm EST – Ciaran Lavery from London

The company recently reached a $460,000 settlement with the New York Department of Labor after an article revealed its extensive use of unpaid volunteer workers. The company no longer uses volunteers and the settlement money has been distributed to people who worked for free at its events in New York over the years.