This year, more than ever, we step back and take an extra moment to appreciate the influential women in our lives. Variety’s “Power of Women: Frontline Heroes,” presented by Lifetime, celebrates the courageous women on the frontlines of the pandemic, including doctors, nurses, teachers, researchers, among others. All are putting themselves at risk to make a difference and work towards finding a solution in this crisis.

To our frontline workers: You are true heroes, and we thank you for your service to the community.

To show our appreciation, Variety has decided to donate the Power of Women gift bags to these brave women who are risking their lives keep us all safe and healthy. Each recipient will receive a large shopping tote provided by The Little Market. Items in this year’s gift bag range from products in beauty, health, home goods, fashion, and more. Scroll down to check them out.

This tote is an on-the-go essential. Better yet, each purchase assists previously incarcerated individuals by providing them with hope, training and support to improve and contribute to their communities.

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