As the live-music industry surreally moves online until the day when people can safely congregate at concerts again, Chipotle has organized a “virtual hangout” for fans that will feature music artists and celebrities with a Q&A, exclusive content and other stuff. Chipotle Together is available via IG Live and Zoom.

Yesterday’s was an exclusive acoustic set from singer-songwriter Lauv, and tonight’s will feature a performance from Portugal. The Man on Chipotle’s Instagram account at 6 p.m. PT/ 9 p.m. ET. (Check Chipotle’s Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates on the schedule and upcoming sessions.)

“With the current events taking place, Chipotle wanted to bring a little joy to its fans and bridge an online connection during this unprecedented time,” said Tressie Lieberman, the company’s VP of digital and off-premise.

“As we saw large scale events begin to get cancelled, we wanted act fast and give our fans something to get excited about despite being surrounded by negative news. Our team saw the massive spike of video conference app downloads with work and school moving remotely over the last two weeks and realized this is where our fans were headed. We wanted to do something that would provide a fun distraction and engage our awesome community.”

The show joins dozens if not hundreds of artists who have moved their concerts into online settings. John Legend, Yungblood and Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard have been among the performers who’ve already turned in web shows for the grounded. Neil Young did one Monday night and has promised more on the way, and Charli XCX today launched what is basically an online talk show with guests like Rita Ora and Diplo giving tips on how they’re coping with being shut-ins. The growing lineup includes music for every taste, including no shortage of classical and operatic performances as well as pop and R&B.

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