During a press conference on Sunday evening, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti said thousands of city workers will need to be furloughed to lessen the economic impact on the city during the coronavirus crisis.

Garcettit said he’s planning to balance the city’s budget by furloughing the city’s civilian workforce for 26 days. Police officers, firefighters and workers at the Department of Water and Power will not be affected, among other professions, he said. The furloughs would amount to a 10% reduction in pay.

“Until now, it was the biggest economic blow of our lifetime, and it hurt. But there’s no way to sugarcoat this. This is bigger, it will hurt more,” he said during the press conference.

Most businesses across Los Angeles have been closed for weeks at this point, including restaurants, bars, movie theaters, museums, libraries and cultural centers. New federal guidelines were announced last week that indicate when some of those locations may start to open back up. The plan states that once cases of coronavirus start to have a downward trajectory and hospitals can treat patients without crisis care, then states can begin to reopen certain areas. However, strict social distancing rules will still be in place until the coronavirus threat significantly decreases.