Los Angeles County officials have announced plans to move into Stage 2 of the reopening process on Friday, May 8.

Stores that sell toys, books, clothing, music and sporting goods will be allowed to reopen for curbside pickup only, county officials announced on Wednesday. Golf courses, car dealerships, hiking trails and florists are also permitted to open with safety precautions.

The next part of Stage 2, yet to be approved by local officials, will include other low-risk businesses such as manufacturers, offices, parks, museums and galleries.

Barbara Ferrer, director of the L.A. County Public of Health, said that certain safeguards have been put in place, such as testing and adequate healthcare staff, to ensure and closely monitor the public’s safety.

A total of 27,815 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Los Angeles County, with over 1,300 deaths.

Stage 3 of the reopening process, which could happen later this summer, includes L.A. movie theaters, restaurants, schools and universities.