Weinstein Jury Ends Day With Request for Annabella Sciorra’s Testimony, No Verdict

The jurors in the Harvey Weinstein trial ended their third day of deliberations on Thursday with a request to hear the testimony of Annabella Sciorra.

The jury has now been deliberating for more than 14 hours, and will return for further deliberations on Friday morning.

In a note to the judge late Thursday afternoon, the jurors requested read-back of “the cross-examination and everything afterwords in the testimony of Annabella Sciorra.”

“Thank you! We are done judge for today,” they wrote.

The 12-person jury, made up of five women and seven men, began deliberating on Tuesday. Weinstein faces five charges, including rape and predatory sexual assault. If convicted on all charges, the former movie mogul could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The jury has repeatedly asked for read-back and for access to exhibits pertaining to Sciorra’s claim that Weinstein raped her at her Gramercy Park apartment in the early 1990s.

On Tuesday, the jury indicated they were confused about the verdict form, asking the judge to clarify the charges. The jurors have appeared to focus on the testimony of Miriam Haley, initially requesting to see a blueprint of Weinstein’s Soho apartment where Haley alleges she was sexually assaulted, and copies of all messages from Weinstein’s email address that related to Haley. Then, the jury asked for the court reporter to re-read a large portion of her testimony about an alleged encounter at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, which took over an hour.

The jurors also asked to see the “red flag list” that Weinstein sent to a private detective to investigate several women, including Sciorra. On the same topic, the jury also requested to see all written or digital communications and emails to or mentioning Sciorra, including communications involving Black Cube or Guidepost Solutions, the private investigation companies Weinstein asked to look into his accusers.

The jury was also re-read actress Rosie Perez’s testimony for about an hour on Wednesday. Perez took the stand during the six-week trial to corroborate Sciorra’s story.

On Thursday morning, the jury was reviewing emails regarding Haley. The jury had requested to see all written or digital communications of Paul Feldsher, a producer and friend of Weinstein’s, who testified to undermine Sciorra’s account that Weinstein raped her. The jury also asked to see the PowerPoint presentation from Barbara Ziv, a forensic psychiatrist who testified for the prosecution. However, Ziv’s presentation had not been entered into evidence, so the jury was not able to review it.