Weinstein Rape Accuser Called Him Her ‘Spiritual Soulmate,’ Roommate Says

Harvey Weinstein arrives at a Manhattan
Seth Wenig/AP/Shutterstock

A former friend of Jessica Mann, the primary accuser in the Harvey Weinstein trial, testified Monday that Mann referred to Weinstein as her “spiritual soulmate.”

The defense called Talita Maia, an actress who was roommates with Mann at the time when Mann alleges that Weinstein was sexually abusing her. Maia said that Mann had never claimed to her that Weinstein had assaulted her.

Maia testified that Mann told her she had gone up to a hotel room with Weinstein, but that Mann seemed “very happy” afterward.

“During 2013 to 2016, did she ever tell you in any way that Harvey Weinstein hurt her?” asked Donna Rotunno, Weinstein’s attorney.

“No, not while we were friends,” Maia answered.

Mann, who gave three days of deeply emotional testimony, had said on the stand that she did not tell her friends because it was her “deepest secret.”

Weinstein is facing two counts of rape and one count of predatory sexual assault tied to Mann’s allegations. He also faces a count of criminal sex acts and predatory sexual assault connected to an alleged assault of Miriam Haley, a former production assistant on “Project Runway.”

The defense has argued that Mann and Weinstein had a consensual relationship, and that Mann has retroactively accused Weinstein of rape to fit the image of him as a sexual predator.

On cross-examination, Maia said that she and Mann are no longer close, and that she no longer wants Mann in her life.

“She did things in my life that affected me in a negative way,” Maia said.

Maia also testified that she remembered Mann complaining when Weinstein insisted they sit at a particular table at a pre-Oscar party. Mann said to her, “He’s so controlling,” Maia testified.

Maia also recalled that Mann had seemed rattled after Weinstein tried to have a threesome with her and an Italian actress. “She seemed very upset,” Maia said. “For me, what I understood was that she panicked. For me, it wasn’t something about Harvey Weinstein. It was about herself.”

The Italian actress, Emanuela Postacchini, previously testified that Mann was sobbing after the encounter.

Earlier on Monday, the defense called the manager from Annabella Sciorra’s New York apartment building, who testified that Sciorra never complained about a trespasser in the building. Sciorra testified that Weinstein came up to her apartment in late 1993 or early 1994, and raped her. Sciorra had said on the stand she did not complain to the doorman or the building manager.

The defense is expected to rest its case on Tuesday.