George Christy, a columnist known for his long run with The Hollywood Reporter, died of heart failure on Tuesday in Santa Monica, according to the Reporter. He was 93.

Christy worked for THR for 26 years. He penned “The Great Life” back-page column that ran several times a week in THR when it was a Monday-Friday publication.

In 2001, Christy was the center of a Screen Actors Guild investigation looking into accusations that he received SAG health benefits because he was falsely credited by producer friends as an actor in films that he did not appear in. Christy chose to resign from THR six months after the investigation started.

That same year, THR labor reporter David Robb wrote a story about Christy’s behavior that was spiked by THR leaders, spurring the resignations of Robb, editor Anita Busch and executive film editor Beth Laski.

During his long run as a columnist, Christy hosted lunches at the Toronto International Film Festival for thirty years. He most recently wrote for the Beverly Hills Courier.