CAA has signed Jessamyn Stanley, the award-winning yoga instructor and body positivity activist.

Stanley is the founder of The Underbelly virtual yoga studio, and author of “Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love Your Body,” a combination of a memoir and exercise guide that was a hit with critics and readers.

Stanley empowers her audience to break down both societal and internalized barriers, while advocating for body acceptance, female empowerment, as well as Black and LGBTQ+ inclusion. In her own life, she broke boundaries for plus-size bodies with her February 2019 cover of Yoga Journal.

Stanley came relatively late to yoga. She disliked early experiences of trying yoga in high school, but returned to it in graduate school and has been changing attitudes about who benefits from the practice.

“Yoga isn’t just for one type of person,” Stanley told NBCNews. “Right now it’s only marketed toward thin, white, affluent people. That’s such a small percentage of who exists, and it’s not the group of people who need yoga the most.”

Stanley is a regular contributor for SELF Magazine and is often featured in such media outlets as The New York Times, CNN, Good Morning America, Vogue, InStyle and Out Magazine.

In 2020, Jessamyn was featured in Adidas’ Reimagine Sport campaign, challenging old stereotypes and celebrating movement of all kinds.

She currently resides in North Carolina, where she is also the co-founder of We Go High NC, a southern justice organization working to increase cannabis access in prohibition states like North Carolina.

Stanley also co-hosts an advice podcast titled Dear Jessamyn.

She is managed by Sami Housman of Melrose Placed and her publicists are Mona Loring & Amber Morasse at Conscious Living PR.