Demi Lovato and Camila Cabello saw huge spikes in sales and streams after their Grammy performances, according to data from BuzzAngle and Spotify.

Lovato’s “Anyone” — which she absolutely crushed on the show after a false start — was the most downloaded song in the U.S. on Grammy Day, with over 11,500 sales on the day of the show and more than 27,000 sales within 24 hours of her performance. (It was a debut on the chart, so there is no percentage gain.) It sets a promising scene for her performance of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday. Demi Lovato’s “Anyone” was the most streamed song the day after her performance increasing with 2 million streams (up 600%).

Camila Cabello’s ode to her father, “First Man” — which she sang to her father in the Grammy audience causing him and untold thousands of dads across the world to weep — led to a whopping 68,000% gain, according to BuzzAngle. The song went from selling a handful of units per day prior to the show to 6,159 sales on the day of the show and over 11,400 sales within 24 hours of her performance. “First Man” increased by 310% the day of her performance and nearly 900% the day after her performance, for 1.4 million streams. Spotify said streams of the song increased more than 1,000% after her performance.

The studio version of “Higher” by DJ Khaled and others in honor of Nipsey Hussle also saw a five-figure increase in sales on the day of the show, soaring 12,350%. The song won Khaled his first Grammy on Sunday night. Streams on Spotify jumped 740%.

“Underdog” by Alicia Keys and “When the Party’s Over” by Billie Eilish, both performed on the show, both saw 900-plus percent gains in sales, while ”It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” performed by Boyz II Men & Alicia Keys in memory of Kobe Bryant, saw a big boost in streaming activity on the day of the show with a 200% gain, and a 107% jump on the day after the show as well. It registered a 1,275% boost on Spotify.

Album sales from all Grammy winners increased by 153% within 24 hours of the awards show, with Billie Eilish’s “When We All Fall Asleep…” sales jumping by more than 415% (6,300 sales) within the first 24 hours — perhaps not surprising, considering that she swept the night.

Top Songs Performed/ Day Of % Impact/ 2 Day Sales/ 2 Day % Impact

  1. Anyone/Demi Lovato 27,071/ Debut
  2. Nobody But You/Blake Shelton 103%/ 14,159/ 54%
  3. First Man / Camila Cabello 68,333%/ 11,415/ 81,435%
  4. Old Town Road/ Lil Nas X 263%/ 7,878/ 207%
  5. What’s A Man Gotta Do/Jonas Brothers 192%/ 7,104/ 142%

Top Streamed Songs Performed/ Day After % Impact

  1. Anyone/ Demi Lovato/ 1.9M 592%
  2. Old Town Road/ Lil Nas X/ 1.8M -9%
  3. When the Party’s Over/ Billie Eilish/ 1.7M 97%
  4. First Man/ Camila Cabello/ 1.4M 890%
  5. What A Man Gotta Do/ Jonas Brothers 1.3M/ 21%