Daniel Goldman, an attorney who was the majority counsel on the House Intelligence Committee, announced on Twitter that he has tested positive for coronavirus.

In a series of tweets beginning on Wednesday, March 11, Goldman talked about his early flu-like symptoms, which included a fever and headache. He went into detail on the challenges of securing a COVID-19 test, which he was not eligible for in New York because his symptoms weren’t bad enough to be admitted to a hospital. However, he tested negative for other virus tests, so self-isolation became his only option.

Without other options, Goldman had to drive to Stamford, Conn., to take a curbside test.

Goldman revealed on Sunday that the test results had come back positive, though his health is doing better. He also took time to slam the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic, saying “My difficulty in getting a test despite the exact symptoms and a [negative] flu test underscores how shockingly unprepared this administration is to deal with this pandemic,” he wrote.

He continued, saying President Trump “can try to gaslight the American public by repeatedly saying that everyone who needs a test can get one, but that was not true one month ago (when it should have been the case) and it is not true today (when there is no excuse).”

On Friday, Trump announced a nationwide state of emergency over the coronavirus pandemic, leading to many restaurants and movie theaters to reduce their capacities in order to help people socially distance themselves.