California to Issue Film and TV Regulations Later This Week; L.A. Retail to Reopen

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Shutterstock / Fer Gregory

California will issue its guidelines later this week for the restart of film and TV production, Gov. Gavin Newsom said on Tuesday. Later in the day, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti announced that all retail businesses may reopen starting Wednesday.

Newsom had originally said the guidelines would be announced on Monday. But in his press conference on Tuesday afternoon, he said he wanted to take some extra time to “engage a little more formally” with the industry.

“We’re working with both industry and labor, and they want to tighten up some aspects of their guidelines,” Newsom said.

The governor said the regulations could be issued later in the week, or even during the weekend.

Mayor Garcetti said the new measures did not include hair salons or restaurants at the moment. Garcetti emphasized that the new guidance does not mean that stores must reopen; it is up to the companies to show that they can reopen safely. Movie theaters will also be in a later stage of reopening. Popular hiking spot Runyon Canyon in Hollywood has also now reopened, the mayor announced.

In other reopening news, Newsom gave the go-ahead for hair salons and barbershops to reopen in 47 counties, but not Los Angeles County.

On Wednesday, the governor said he will issue more guidelines for reopening camps, child care facilities and schools.

He said that the state would “maintain vigilance” over increased recreation and other activities, and that “we must continue to take this seriously.” But he cited expanded testing and statistics such as a 6.7% decline in hospitalizations as evidence that California is flattening the curve.

When asked during the press conference whether he was concerned about the federal government taking an assertive stance over California’s reopening plans, Newsom replied, “I don’t lose sleep over that.”