CAA Sets Temporary Policy to Limit Travel and In-House Meetings Due to Coronavirus


In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, CAA has issued a temporary policy in which its agents have been asked to hold virtual meetings instead of bringing clients and guests to CAA headquarters. They’ve also been asked to avoid any travel that is business-related for the next two weeks.

Sources add that it’s not a total grounding, but exceptions for in-person meetings and business travel will need to be approved by agency higher-ups in an effort to limit the virus from spreading.

The biggest event expected to take a hit from such a policy is the upcoming SXSW festival, which opens next week. As of right now, the festival is not being postponed, even as talent and their reps weigh whether to attend or not. Amazon Studios, Facebook and Twitter have already canceled their plans at the festival.

The policy is expected to last two weeks at minimum, during which agents will do virtual meetings via Skype, Facetime and phone calls.

Business-essential travel will still take place.

Other agencies have not yet set such mandates, but one source close to a major agency said “non-essential travel” will not be approved in hopes of limiting the exposure.