Bryan Callen Sues Rape Accuser’s Husband, Alleging Blacklist Campaign

Bryan Callen
Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP

Comedian Bryan Callen has sued the husband of a woman who accused him of rape, alleging that the husband has engaged in a campaign to torpedo Callen’s career.

Callen was accused in a July 31 report in the Los Angeles Times. Actor Katherine Fiore Tigerman alleged that Callen had pinned her down and raped her in 1999. The story also included allegations of sexual misconduct from three other women. Callen adamantly denied the accusations.

In the weeks following, Callen alleges that Tigerman’s husband, actor Gabriel Tigerman, launched a blacklist campaign against him, getting CAA to drop him as a client and getting comedy venues to cancel performances.

“In sum, Mr. Tigerman has engaged in a relentless campaign of economic interference against Mr. Callen as revenge for something Mr. Callen did not do,” the suit states. “Mr. Tigerman’s apparent objective is to have Mr. Callen blacklisted, destitute, never to work again. The direct impact has been nothing short of devastating to Mr. Callen personally and financially.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Gabriel Tigerman launched a legal defense fund on GoFundMe. As of Thursday afternoon, he had raised more than $10,000.

“Like many people, I don’t believe credibly accused rapists should work in entertainment,” he wrote. “They don’t belong on our television and movie sets, and they don’t belong in comedy clubs. It is in these environments that they are able to meet their victims. Allowing accused sexual abusers into these spaces sends the clear message to victims that they are not safe and they are not believed. I’ve expressed that view on social media, and I’ve shared it directly with those responsible for deciding who deserves the spotlight. As you might expect, Bryan didn’t like that. So he sued me.”

Tigerman also said that the threat of litigation has caused many victims to remain silent.