BTS and its management company Big Hit Entertainment have teamed up to donate $1 million to Crew Nation, Live Nation’s campaign to support live-entertainment personnel impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The group had expected to be on tour for much of this year, so the move is a way to support the people who would have played a huge role in making their shows happen. According to the announcement, “This is one of the largest artist donations that has been raised for the Crew Nation fund since its conception.”

BTS also quietly donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter earlier this month.

Crew Nation was launched in March with an initial $5 million donation, which it promised to match up to a further $5 million given by artists, fans and employees, dollar for dollar. The fund provides a one-time grant of $1,000 to crew members who make 50% or more of their income from live performances.

Over 70 live concert crew members who were originally scheduled to work at BTS’ concerts before the postponement (or cancellation) due to COVID-19 have received funding so far, 20% of whom are veteran crews who have worked in live performance industry for over 16 years. This contribution will help aid 1,000 live concert crews to receive relief, according to the announcement. All nationalities, including Koreans, can apply for the Crew Nation fund.

“If it weren’t for COVID-19, we would have been happily touring across the world with many of our live concert crews by now,” said BTS. “We are aware that a lot of communities need help due to COVID-19, and we wanted to support the music industry crews by making a donation. We hope to meet again on stage very soon.”

According to Big Hit’s Global CEO Lenzo Yoon, “It is very unfortunate that the music industry has to go through such difficult time at the moment,” and added “we hope our contribution to Crew Nation could help support many live concert crews around the world.”