Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea will reopen on July 1, park operator Oriental Land announced on Tuesday.

The theme parks have been closed since February 29 due to the spread of the novel coronavirus in Japan. The four-month closure is the longest since Tokyo Disneyland first opened in 1983.

To keep visitors safe after the reopening, the parks will let in set numbers of visitors only at set times from the 8:00 am opening to the 8:00 pm closing. Also, tickets will be sold online only, starting on June 25. Visitors will be required to wear masks and have their temperatures taken at the park entrance. And some attractions and live entertainments will remain on hiatus.

The Japanese government declared a national state of emergency that ended on May 25. Cinemas are functioning again, but professional sports and theme parks have been slow to reopen.
Universal Studios Japan in Osaka reopened to local pass holders on June 8 and resumed general operations on June 19.

As of today, Japan has confirmed a total of 17,856 coronavirus cases and 955 deaths. The total number of cases in Chiba Prefecture, where the parks are located, is 934 infections and 35 deaths.

Other Disney parks in Asia are already back in operation. Shanghai Disneyland reopened in May. Hong Kong Disneyland reopened last week.

Disneyland Paris said on Monday that it will reopen on July 15. Disneyland in California is set to reopen on July 17. But there thousands of people have signed an online petition urging the operators to delay the restart, due to the increased chances of spreading the coronavirus that is still rampant in the U.S.