Michael Bay’s Netflix action thriller “6 Underground” has received a financial rebate from the Malaysian authorities as recompense for the visual effects work it purchased in the country.

While the country has operated a location incentive program for film and TV production in the country since 2013, this is the first time that a film has qualified for the less well-known post-production visual effects subsidy.

The Film In Malaysia Incentive (FIMI) is operated by The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), and offers a 30% rebate for both film production services and for post-work. The total qualifying Malaysian production expenditure is MYR 5 million ($1.2 million) for production (inclusive of post-production), or MYR 1.5 million ($360,000) for post-production activity in Malaysia.

“6 Underground” qualified having used Base Digital Production, an offshoot of Beijing-based Base Media, for some 90 visual effects shots. Base has a long-standing relationship with ILM, which lead the VFX and animation effort.

“The film ’6 Underground’ was the first major project in our Kuala Lumpur studio, and has allowed us to build a talented local creative team and an experienced local management team. We are excited for the opportunities ahead as the film business normalizes. Base will continue to invest in local Malaysian talent,” said Chris Bremble, founder and CEO of Base Media.

“Through FIMI, the cost of production and post-production can be competitively comparable with neighboring countries, with exceptional production quality, and remarkable visual effects,” said Dr. Ahmad Idham bin Ahmad Nadzri, CEO of FINAS.

The film was produced by Bay Films and Skydance Media. It was released by Netflix in December last year and has been viewed a reported 85 million times.

With a cast headed by Ryan Reynolds and Melanie Laurent, the film follows six untraceable special agents as they fight evil with unorthodox means.