China’s Base Media has signed with Creative Artists Agency for global representation. Founded in 2006 by Christopher Bremble, the company is the parent of a cluster of leading service and production firms based in China.

Group companies include: BaseFX, one of China’s leading visual effects companies; Base Animation, a stand-alone studio established in 2018; and Base Academy, a school for the next generation of content creators.

Base Animation is currently in production on “Lord of the West,” a reimagining of the Chinese mythological tale “Fengshan,” being directed by Kyle Jefferson (animation and visual effects credits on “Thor: Ragnarok,” “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For,” and “The Croods”). The film is produced by Base and Sunac Culture Group, which in January became BaseFX’s majority owner. As part of the new arrangement with CAA, CAA Media Finance will represent the film’s global distribution rights.

Base Animation recently completed its first feature production, “Wish Dragon,” which is set to be released by Sony later this year. The film is produced by Base with Sony Pictures Animation, Tencent, and Jackie Chan, through his SR Media company. Chan is among the film’s voice cast, alongside John Cho and Candice Wu.

BaseFX, the best-known element of the group, was founded by Bremble and craft workers who had produced Bremble’s 2005 film “Deep Rescue.” Its early years, before the Chinese industry reached commercial maturity, BaseFX worked closely with Hollywood producers on series and movies, and boasted of a long-standing strategic alliance with Industrial Light & Magic. It won Emmy Awards for its work on “The Pacific,” “Boardwalk Empire” and “Black Sails,” while its Hollywood credits have included “Captain America” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

As BaseFX expanded it expanded from its seat in Beijing, to establish other sites in China at Wuxi and Xiamen. Last year it opened a facility in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. That expansion has allowed BaseFX to work on more Chinese movies. Its recent Middle Kingdom credits including “Wolf Totem,” smash hits “Monster Hunt” and “The Wandering Earth.”

It also worked on “Leap,” the much-anticipated sports drama directed by Peter Chan Ho-sun. “Leap” was scheduled to release in January, but was delayed by the coronavirus-related shutdown of China’s cinemas.