Stacey Bendet’s new job platform Creatively is now offering free educational programming.

Celebrity fashion designer Zac Posen headlines the series, which kicks off on Oct. 19, with a class in draping on Oct. 27.

Creatively, which is free, allows members to use its portfolio tools to showcase their work and find jobs and internships. The membership includes people in marketing, advertising, photography, graphic design, filmmaking, fashion, beauty and more.

Bendet and Creatively’s CEO Greg Gittrich and chief product officer Joe Indriolo launched the platform in May. There are currently 40,000 members.

Bendet, who co-founded alice+olivia in 2002 and now serves as the fashion brand’s CEO, started Creatively out of frustration at how hard it could be to find the right creatives for her company. She went looking for a LinkedIn-like platform that caters to the more artistic set, but she couldn’t find anything.

“If I was hiring like someone in sales, you use LinkedIn, you find out where they worked and what they did,” Bendet told Variety. “When you’re hiring someone who’s creative, it doesn’t matter what their resume says, you need to see their actual work. So then you end up in this deep dive of their Instagram and their website before you hire them for a project. I couldn’t believe that there’s no other place to recruit talent that allows you to do it in a more sort of collaborative way. I kept thinking there needs to be a LinkedIn for the creative world.”

Along with Posen’s class, the education series also includes:

Hairstylist Danielle Priano, hairstyling

Fashion director Rajni Jacques, creative direction

Baker and entrepreneur, Amirah Kassem, cake decorating

Dancer and choreographer Galen Hooks, dance and movement

Illustrator and artist Amber Vittoria, abstract portraiture

Creative director Kameron Mack, video storytelling

British Vogue contributing editor Susan Bender, creating a moodboard