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Shooting for the ‘Moon’

Oscar Isaac is in talks to star in the Marvel series "Moon Knight" at Disney Plus about an elite soldier who decides to fight crime after he becomes the human avatar of the Egyptian god of the moon.

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  • ‘Grand Army’

    "Grand Army" doesn't exactly offer anything new to the teen genre at this point.

  • ‘Helstrom’

    Hulu's "Helstrom" might sport an elaborate mythology, but like many comic book stories, it ultimately reveals a simplistic core.

  • Critics Pick

    ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’

    While American was in lockdown, Sacha Baron Cohen concocted a searing sequel to the hit 2006 satire designed to shake up the election.

  • ‘The Witches’

    Transplanting the story to the American South, Robert Zemeckis' version of the Roald Dahl witch tale stays on the surface in a buzzy way.

  • ‘The Devil Has a Name’

    Edward James Olmos aims to call out the oil industry for its pollution, but this out-of-control dark comedy makes it a tough case to follow.

  • Bon Jovi's '2020'

    "2020" is a far cry from the fist-pumping records of old, with social consciousness that can feel either bold or cliched.

  • Mariah Carey's 'The Rarities'

    While there aren't any lost classics on Mariah Carey's "The Rarities," the album shows that she brings high standards even to her castoffs.

  • Alicia Keys' 'Alicia'

    Alicia Keys' "Alicia" finds the singer pushing the limits of her voice and imagination on her boldest and most adventurous album to date.

  • ‘The Last Five Years’

    This smart revival of Jason Robert Brown's musical plays in a London theater cleverly redesigned for COVID-era safety.

  • ‘Beat the Devil’

    David Hare's monologue at the Bridge Theatre in London recounts the playwright's battle with COVID-19.

  • ‘Richard II’

    Andre Holland leads the cast of a surprisingly intimate audio version of Shakespeare, from the Public Theater's Free Shakespeare in the Park.






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