Egyptian filmmaker Sam Abbas has teamed with leading cinematographers from around the world to create the documentary “Erēmīta (Anthologies).”

The anthology was shot during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown and will feature contributions from the following DPs: Alexis Zabé (“The Florida Project,”), Chayse Irvin (“Blackkklansman,”) Ashley Connor (” Madeline’s Madeline,”) Soledad Rodríguez (“The Good Intentions,”) Stefano Falivene (“Siberia,”) Antoine Héberlé (“A Son,”) Benoît Dervaux (“The Unknown Girl”) and Sam Abbas (“Alia’s Birth,”).

Leading the project, Abbas said, “I, like many others, get very excited about using certain cameras, lenses, conversations with the cinematographer, colorists, sound designers but really, everyone I work with! But when it comes down to it, if needed, cinema can be made under any circumstances. This is a circumstance where we can only make a film virtually if we want to collaborate. We all share two main things: passion and a plethora of time.”

Each cinematographer oversaw their project, having final cut for their individual piece. Abbas curated the entire project adding, “There is no theme, film whatever you want, however you want with whomever you want.”

During the pandemic, Abbas also filmed “Rusted Caravaggios,” documenting the first public invitation to the Louvre Museum on July 6 following a four-month closure. The short film debuted in July where Abbas performed duties as director, cinematographer and sound recorder in showing a near-empty museum, which included a tableau with a man sitting still next to Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.”

Abbas is looking to complete the “Erēmīta (Anthologies)” in time for a winter festival release.

Erēmīta Anthologies


Erēmīta Anthologies


Erēmīta Anthologies