The government of New Zealand is to ease access to the country, it announced Friday, after it was accused of double standards following the decision to let filmmaker James Cameron and his crew into the country to film the “Avatar” sequel.

New Zealand closed its border to non-citizens and non-residents in March. The latest rule change, to come into force from the end of next week, allows “high-value workers” for “projects of national or regional significance” into the country.

The opposition party’s economic development spokeswoman Judith Collins had asked why Cameron and a crew of 55 from Los Angeles had been allowed into the country, while two syndicates challenging for sailing’s America’s Cup had been denied access.

A mandatory 14-day quarantine for arrivals – a rule that means Cameron and his team have been locked down in a Wellington hotel – remains.

There have been with no new Covid-19 cases in New Zealand for 21 days, and no active cases exist.