Italian singer Laura Pausini has released “Io Si (Seen),” written by 11-time Oscar nominee Diane Warren. The song is taken from “The Life Ahead” starring Sophia Loren. “lo Si” (Seen) is the Grammy winner’s second entry in the original song race, with hopse to land a nom for the 93rd Academy Awards set for next April.

Warren, who also has “Free” from Disney Plus’ “The One and Only” in contention, is hoping to increase her odds of taking home a Best Original Song Oscar on April 25, 2021 by returning to form with an emotional power ballad. “The Life Ahead,” directed by Edoardo Ponti, bows Nov. 13 on Netflix.

“Both Madame Rosa and Momo, masterfully played by the legendary Sophia Loren and Ibrahima Gueye, are not seen for who they are by the outside world,” said Warren, “but they learn to truly see each other and though it’s not easy at first, to truly love each other. There is not a better voice for this song than the brilliant Laura Pausini. I am so honored that she decided to sing it and bring it to life like no one else could have done.”

Added Warren, “What struck me was I saw the word ‘Seen’ and I thought of the characters. The boy is this criminal kid and she’s a former prostitute and they’re living on the outside. No one really sees them, and through their relationship, they truly see each other and love one another.”

Pausini said, “I was thrilled by this song since the first time I listened to it. It was such a great pleasure to have the opportunity to collaborate with Diane Warren. We met many years ago, but we were right to choose this particular moment for our first collaboration. I admire her so much and when she called me to propose the song I understood that finally the time had come for our careers to match. I’m so excited to see Sophia back on the screen. I appreciate her generosity in interpreting a very intense Italian story, with an important social cause that, unfortunately, still exists. Edoardo Ponti sent me the movie in advance this summer and he told me that he desired so much that it was my voice to bring the message of the movie all over the world and I was so flattered.”

“Io Si” is available on all streaming platforms.