Three former “Project Runway” casting professionals have launched Vital Casting, a woman-led casting company whose mission is to help production companies, networks, studios, and streamers cast unscripted content with a focus on inclusion, equity and diversity in representation.

Founders Alissa Haight Carlton, Jen DeMartino, and Rebecca Snavely met as freelance casting directors on “Project Runway.” The show’s producer was Harvey Weinstein, who was faced with a myriad of sexual abuse allegations starting in October, 2017.

“As we watched the news unfold we were aware that we would likely lose our jobs on this gig, and that it was completely worth it for the greater good of this monster to be exposed and the system to be demolished and rebuilt with equality, equity, justice, and representation within the #MeToo and Time’s Up movement,” founder Rebecca Snavely said.

Through unscripted media, the Vital Casting team aims to push the boundaries of audiences’ collective understanding of gender, race, and identity. The three women, with their combined 100-plus credits in reality and unscripted programming, are also two-time Emmy nominees for their extensive work which has highlighted stories of women, people of color, immigrants, the LGBTQIA community, and people living with HIV.