AT&T’s Turner TV unit is adding set-top box data from sister unit Xandr, AT&T’s advertising and analytics division, to create new services it can burnish as TV’s “upfront” market grows closer.

Turner has for several years now offered products that allow potential customers to use data to refine their ad buys, honing in on specific kinds of audiences. The hops is that by using AT&T’s viewer data, the TV unit can offer better services.

“Clients are focused more on business outcomes and not just on impressions of adults between 18 and 49,” said Donna Speciale, president of Turner ad sales, in an interview.

The two units are teaming up to provide more resources on what is known in the industry as “attribution,” or proving that people who see TV ads make a tangible buying decision based on seeing the message.  They will also make greater use of AT&T data in helping advertisers aim their commercials at specific audiences of Turner digital properties, and extend pieces of branded content across Xandr’s access to addressable advertising opportunities. The two units said Hewlett Packard Enterprise and L’Oréal Paris had taken part in the latter program.

AT&T completed its acquisition of WarnerMedia about six months ago and is being scrutinized by investors to show it can wring new value from the media properties.