As TruTV is incorporated more fully along side TNT and TBS, its top programming executives are also departing. That means Marissa Ronca, executive VP and head of programming, as well as marketing and digital executive VP Puja Vohra, are no longer with the network.

Ronca and Vohra, who helped drive the network’s recent growth, exit alongside TruTV president Chris Linn — whose departure was announced earlier Thursday as part of a corporate restructuring at WarnerMedia. Under Kevin Reilly’s new four-year deal at WarnerMedia, his oversight has expanded to include serving as president of TruTV alongside TBS and TNT. He also continues as chief content officer of WarnerMedia’s upcoming direct-to-consumer service.

Under the restructuring, it’s likely that development and programming for TruTV will also be handled by the same team that oversees it at TNT and TBS, but nothing has yet been confirmed there. The restructuring announcement comes a day after Reilly hit the WarnerMedia upfront stage and promoted programming from all three networks, making it more or less clear that he had been given oversight of the channel.

The news also comes as Reilly laid out a plan on Wednesday to drop some of the genre distinctions between WarnerMedia’s various channels. TruTV, for example, is getting into animation (previously the domain of TBS and Adult Swim), while TBS is airing dramas for the first time.

“TBS, TNT and TruTV are stronger if we’re less bound by a single brand position or genre,” Reilly said at the upfront.

As for Ronca and Vohra, Both execs had been promoted to executive vice president titles in 2016, as a reflection of the growth TruTV has had in recent years reinventing itself as a home for edgy comedy series. Among the shows they handled: the Emmy-nominated “At Home with Amy Sedaris,” Andrea Savage’s “I’m Sorry,” the popular viral sensation “Impractical Jokers,” and the new hit “Tacoma FD.”

Ronca first joined the network (then known as Court TV) in 2007 and helped in its transformation into TruTV in 2008. Before that, she was director of development at TLC and Discovery Home Channel. Vohra joined TruTV in March 2014 after serving as senior vice president of marketing at Oxygen Media. She also had consumer and ad sales marketing roles at Bravo Media.

[Pictured: Marissa Ronca and Puja Vohra.]