‘The Office’ vs. ‘It’s Always Sunny’: Steve Carell Responds to Rob McElhenney’s On-Set Taunts

'It's Always Sunny,' The Office' Feud:

Rob McElhenney of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has ignited a turf feud with Steve Carell after posting an Instagram video taunting “The Office” star from the Dunder Mifflin set. In response, Carell offered the olive branch of a crossover episode.

McElhenney posted an Instagram video from the parking lot famous as the set of “The Office.”

“Apparently this is Dunder Mifflin, I guess, where they shot ‘The Office,'” he said. “I wasn’t 100% sure of that. But they’re gone now. They’re off the air.”

“And now you got…” McElhenney said as he panned to “It’s Always Sunny” co-stars Charlie Day and Danny DeVito. “Sorry, Carell.” He captioned the post, “The bar inside Dunder Mifflin is now called Paddy’s.”

Carell tweeted a potential solution to the “blood feud”: a crossover episode titled “It’s Always Sunny in Scranton.”

The turf loss extends further than just the set of Dunder Mifflin. “The Office” will be leaving Netflix to find a new streaming home with NBC starting in 2021.