Television’s breakout reality show, “The Masked Singer,” wraps up its second season, unmasking a winner, next week — but first, the quirky competition show will celebrate the holidays.

Teeing up the grand finale of the inarguable hit series, Fox is giving extra airtime to the show this week with a two-night event.

Tuesday night, the six remaining characters — the Fox, the Thingamajig, the Rottweiler, the Flamingo, the Tree and the Leopard — will perform with every contestant competing together for the first time, ultimately unmasking and sending one singer home. Wednesday night, two contestants will be sent home with a double unmasking during the semi-finals, which will be decked out for the holidays with decor, set designs and some characters singing Christmas songs, including “Winter Wonderland” and “This Christmas.” After the two-night semi-finals event, which begins both nights at 8 p.m., three finalists will be left to compete for the Season 2 crown in next week’s finale.

“We’ve got Ken (Jeong) in a very unattractive Christmas sweater throughout the whole show,” laughs “The Masked Singer” showrunner Izzie Pick Ibarra.

The “Masked Singers” producers always knew they’d want a holiday episode this season, says showrunner and exec producer Ibarra, given the time-frame of the season airing. Next season has landed the plum post-Super Bowl spot for its premiere.

Tonight, T-Pain, who competed as “The Monster” and won the first season, joins as a guest panelist. Ibarra says aside from adding humor to the panel, T-Pain brought an extra level of understanding while judging the contestants. “What he did, which was so brilliant, is he was able to articulate what it was like under a mask, obviously having experienced it himself,” Ibarra says. “He brought that insight to the panel in the way that they were guessing and with a lot of the performance feedback. He was really able to empathize with what they were going through.”

Looking ahead to next week’s big finale, but staying mum on any more clues, Ibarra teases, “We’ve got three incredible vocalists — like jaw-dropping vocalists. It’s an incredibly close finale. I think the audience will be very surprised about who wins, but I don’t think they’ll be super shocked that the person who wins wins because that person really deserves to win.”