Who’s the Next ‘Bachelor’? Here Are Season 24’s Three Frontrunners (EXCLUSIVE)

The Bachelor frontrunners
Courtesy of ABC/Drew Altizer Photography/Shutterstock

When last season of “The Bachelorette” wrapped up, many viewers would have guessed the next “Bachelor” would be runner-up Tyler Cameron. But oh, how things change in a month’s time.

Cameron, the runner-up in Hannah Brown’s season, who stopped by “The Bachelorette” finale’s live after show to quickly reconcile with Brown and discuss meeting for a drink, now appears to be dating — in real life, not on reality TV — supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Sources confirm to Variety that, at this time, Cameron is “completely out of the running, given his relationship with Gigi,” although he was once strongly considered to become the next “Bachelor” when Brown chose Jed Wyatt as her winner of “The Bachelorette” instead of Cameron.

Though ABC has not made any decisions yet on who the next “Bachelor” will ultimately be, Variety has learned that the three frontrunners are currently Peter Weber, Derek Peth and Mike Johnson.

ABC and Warner Bros. TV declined to comment on any matters regarding casting.

Insiders expect the final decision to be announced around the time that “Bachelor In Paradise” wraps its current season next month. Season 24 of “The Bachelor” does not air until January 2020, and heads into production in mid-fall, so ABC is not tasked with making a quick casting decision.

If he’s ultimately chosen as the next lead, Johnson — a fan-favorite from Brown’s season — would become the first-ever black “Bachelor” in the franchise’s nearly 20-year history.

Weber was the second runner-up on Brown’s season, and has been a top “Bachelor” contender since he was sent home. Weber had one of the season’s buzziest moments when he and Brown spent the night together in a windmill.

Peth would be a more out-of-the-box choice, as he was not a contestant on a recent season of “The Bachelorette.” Peth appeared on Season 12 with lead JoJo Fletcher and on both Season 4 and the current season of “Bachelor In Paradise.”

Peth’s name only came up as a contender for “The Bachelor” when his storyline on “Bachelor In Paradise” gained a considerable amount of attention — Peth was in a relationship with contestant Demi Burnett, who broke up with him for a woman she had been dating at home before joining the show. Burnett’s relationship marks the first-ever same-sex romance in the entire history of the ABC franchise, which garnered praise from GLAAD. Peth responded to the breakup and Burnett’s newfound romance with positivity and support and received positive feedback on social media from fans.

Since ABC is not under a time crunch to head into production on “The Bachelor,” the network typically waits to see how viewers respond to certain contestants on “Bachelor In Paradise” before making a decision.

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