Stephen Colbert has expanded the circle of people helping to make the ultimate decision about what the funniest things are for him to say each night on CBS’ “Late Show.”

Three writers/producers who have been with Colbert for years will get new duties at his late-night program.

Ariel Dumas, a longtime writer for Colbert, has been elevated to a head writer of the program, where she will join Jay Katsir. Katsir will also take on new supervising producer duties. Opus Moreschi, a longtime head writer and supervising producer for Colbert’s programs, is also taking on new duties, including overseeing longer-lead projects at the show.

“I have worked with all three of these incredibly talented people since ‘The Colbert Report,’” said Colbert, in a statement. “I am thrilled that someone as funny and dedicated as Ariel will be my new head writer and that Opus and Jay will continue to be comedic Gibraltars, on which I can lean, and host donors, from whom I can harvest organs.”

The program reorganizes some of its top writers just after NBC rival “Tonight Show” brought in a new interim executive producer, Gavin Purcell. Under Colbert, the CBS late-night program has surged to become the nation’s most-watched late-night series, largely by playing up the host’s reaction to the daily news cycle and by booking guests from the worlds of media and politics, as well as entertainment.

Dumas started her comedy career in Chicago, where she trained with the Second City and iO. She has been with Colbert since his “Colbert Report” program on Comedy Central. Katsir has also been with Colbert through both programs. Moreschi has been with Colbert for more than a decade.

“The Late Show” is executive produced by Colbert, Chris Licht, Tom Purcell and Jon Stewart.