As the white walkers descended upon Winterfell, celebrities similarly stormed Twitter and Instagram in droves to comment on the action packed third episode of “Game of Thrones” season eight. Here’s a few of the best “GOT” star reactions.

Joe Jonas

Jonas feted the Arya actress as the greatest of all time with the goat emoji. When Jonas and Sophie Turner get married, will that make Arya Stark his sister in law?

Leslie Jones

The SNL actress added a NSFW narration throughout the night…

Or there…

And for the grand finale…

Jones practically does voice over for the entire episode. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss might be regretting not asking Jones to narrate the series.

Nick Jonas

The youngest Jonas brother was pretty curt with his reaction. Wow is all that needs to be said about the episode.


The singer/rapper was a bit disappointed with Sam Tarly.

Then, he had some words of encouragement.

And finally, he began to tear up.

Neil Patrick Harris, Jessica Chastain, Mindy Kaling and “Star Wars” director Rian Johnson also had thoughts:


But what about the actual cast of Westeros?

Lena Headey

Cersei doesn’t show much love to the Starks, but that doesn’t stop Headey for shouting out the Battle of Winterfell hero on Instagram.

Pedro Pascal

Pascal has apparently always been an Arya fan.

Sophie Turner

Sansa and Theon’s relationship comes full circle with Turner’s Instagram post.


Emilia Clarke 

And finally, Clarke pays to tribute Jorah for protecting Dany and dying for his queen. Making this his final “Khaleesi” until another fan asks him to look them in the eyes and repeat his signature phrase.