Emma Thompson got a little help from fellow mothers Tina Fey and Amy Poehler during the Mother’s Day episode of “Saturday Night Live” she hosted on May 11.

Thompson brought the former “SNL” cast members out during her monologue to help teach the audience how to decipher “mother-speak.”

The trio kicked things off by pointing out that when a mother says all she wants to do for Mother’s Day is relax, maybe with a massage, what she’s actually saying is, “How does one buy weed?” per Poehler.

Meanwhile, when she says, “I like that shirt” to her child, what she’s trying to say is, “Oh I think I bought you that shirt,” pointed out Fey.

“When your mom tells you you look tired, what she means is, ‘You look bad,'” the three said together.

Since mothers sometimes need help expressing themselves, when one says she doesn’t want to talk about politics, Poehler said what she really means is, “Please don’t ruin Joe Biden for me, he’s what I picture.” And when a mother tells her son she loves him just the way he is, Fey said it really means, “I’m bored of waiting for you to tell me you’re gay; just do it so I can buy rainbow stuff!”

Fey also wanted to impress upon the audience that mothers have lives outside of their children, so when she says she’s going to book club tonight, what it really means, Thompson finished, was that she was going to “get turnt at Linda’s.”

The women tapped into their own upbringings for a moment to talk about the specific regional things mothers can mean, depending on where they are from, with Thompson saying the word “splendid” for the English is like a Hawaiian’s “aloha” in how many meanings it really has. But then they closed with a tender moment, signing off with sweet words for each of their own children.

Watch Thompson, Fey and Poehler’s “Saturday Night Live” May 11 monologue below:

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