SAG-AFTRA has found actor Kip Pardue guilty of misconduct and fined him $6,000 for sexually harassing actress Sarah Scott last year, according to a published report in the Los Angeles Times.

The union declined comment on the report about the March disciplinary proceedings, citing reasons of confidentiality.

Pardue, was found “guilty of serious misconduct in violation” of the SAG-AFTRA constitution, according to a letter Scott was sent, which she provided to The Times. The notice of the decision told Pardue that the SAG committee “censures and admonishes you for this inappropriate and unprofessional conduct.”

Pardue was told in the letter that his behavior was “inconsistent” with its code of conduct on sexual harassment and fined $6,000. He was also told that if he took an online workplace sexual harassment training module within 90 days, the fine would be reduced to $3,000.

Pardue’s attorney, Shepard Kopp, told the Times that Pardue “never engaged in any nonconsensual behavior.”

Scott told the Los Angeles Times last year that Pardue had masturbated in front of her on May 16, 2018, during the filming of a pilot titled “Mogulettes.” The “True Blood” actress alleged Pardue became aroused while they were under a bedsheet waiting for a scene to begin, then allegedly put her hand on his groin, called her into his dressing room and masturbated in front of her.

Pardue told the Times through his representative that he apologized to Scott for putting her hand on his groin. “I never intended to offend her in any way and deeply regret my actions and have learned from my behaviour,” he added at the time.

Scott also said last year that she reported the incident to SAG-AFTRA in May and found that while union officials were sympathetic, they did not respond quickly. “Speaking out about this has been extraordinarily difficult for me, and now I understand why so many don’t,” she said at the time.

SAG-AFTRA announced in February, 2018, that it had adopted a Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment that would set forth “clear expectations that SAG-AFTRA members will refrain from engaging in harassing conduct.”

Scott told the newspaper in the new story that she was ambivalent about the punishment for Pardue, saying, “I don’t know if I’m supposed to feel good about the punishment or not. I would have liked to have seen a couple of years’ suspension, but this is a step in the right direction.”

Pardue is in the main cast of Hulu’s superhero series “Runaways.”