People Magazine Investigates: Cults” returns for a sophomore season on June 3 on Investigation Discovery.

Each episode follows one infamous cult from the time of its creation, and tracks leaders as well as survivors. A team of People’s true-crime staff talks to survivors who escaped and are attempting to rebuild their lives after submerging themselves into cult-like organizations.

“The stories told from those who have escaped from these cults are incredibly harrowing – truly, stranger than fiction – which is why they both captivate and so intrigue our viewers,” said Henry Schleiff, group president of Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, American Heroes Channel and Destination America, in a prepared statement. “ID continues our extremely successful partnership with People for this new season, as they bring their expert reporting to our viewers on these secret societies that so often seek to dominate and control their innocent followers.”

In the first episode of the new season,  he spotlight falls on David Berg, who preaches in the late 1960s and gains gains followers, including actor River Phoenix’s famil. Eventually, Berg forms  the “Children of God”. Two survivors, Christina Babin and Jemima Farris, air their experiences first-hand.

The series is produced for Investigation Discovery by Lucky 8, with Greg Henry, Kim Woodard, Isaac Holub and Dahlia Damaghi as executive producers and Dan Messina as supervising producer.  Dan Wakeford and Alicia Dennis are executive produces for People. For Investigation Discovery, Liz Massie is senior executive producer and Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production.