The OA” — which Netflix canceled earlier this month after two seasons, inciting intense fan outcry, a flashmob, and even a hunger strike — has truly crossed its last border: There will be no movie to wrap up the series.

A source close to the discussions told Variety that Netflix and the show’s creators, Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, talked about the idea of tying up the show’s loose ends in a movie format.

But the plan for “The OA” was to run over five seasons, and a two-hour conclusion wouldn’t have been sufficient. Because Netflix itself is the producer of “The OA,” another network can’t swoop in to rescue the show, as Pop recently did with the Sony-produced “One Day at a Time.”

The cast of “The OA” have been released from their contracts.

Over the weekend, Marling, who is also the show’s star, delivered a heartfelt thank you to fans — and a farewell to the show.

In a long Instagram post that demonstrated her signature intellectual rigor, Marling wrote: “Your words and images move us deeply. Not because the show must continue, but because for some people its unexpected cancellation begs larger questions about the role of storytelling and its fate inside late capitalism’s push toward consolidation and economies of scale.”

Marling’s post appeared also to be a loving plea to rabid #SavetheOA fans to lay down their swords, but not everyone seems to have gotten the message.

A Netflix representative declined to comment.