Netflix Released More Originals in 2019 Than the Entire TV Industry Did in 2005

371 series, movies represents over 50% increase in streaming service’s content volume vs. 2018

Netflix TV screen

Netflix averaged just over one new original TV program or movie for every day of 2019. 

The streaming giant released 371 new TV shows and movies on the service in the U.S. this year, according to data from Variety Insight. This is an increase of 54.6% over the 240 shows and movies Netflix released in 2018. 

For context, this figure is greater than the number of original series that the entire U.S. TV industry released in 2005 (the last year Netflix managed to exceed the TV industry’s total). That includes broadcast networks, cable networks and premium cable networks. 

The genres included in this analysis are documentaries, adult animation, alternative TV shows (i.e. unscripted), comedy, drama, news, and talk. The number, which doesn’t include content targeted for kids, also includes all movies released on Netflix, including 30 which had limited theatrical runs. Just over one quarter of the 371 are produced by Netflix out of its overseas markets. 

This seems to be paying off as referenced by the recent 34 Golden Globes nominations that the streamer received for 2019, 2.6x greater than its 2018 number. Broadcast networks didn’t receive a single nomination this year, suggesting Netflix’s scale is beating them at what, traditionally, was their own game. 

In the era of peak TV, where production records seemingly shatter each year, for one service to match an earlier output rate of the entire industry is astonishing. It demonstrates how Netflix’s strategy to become an alternative to traditional TV is well underway with the construction of a content library deep enough to offer all consumers choice. 

With Netflix facing increased competition next year from HBO Max, Quibi and Peacock, it’s highly likely that they will increase their output again in order to keep subscribers watching their service and minimizing cancellations. It will be very surprising if Netflix doesn’t hit 400 or more original productions by the end of 2020.

Updated 12/18/19: This article has been updated to delineate how much of the original-content output Netflix produces out of its overseas markets.