Netflix has taken global rights to the first season of “Avlu,” the Turkish adaption of Fremantle’s hit Australian prison drama “Wentworth.”

Produced by Hayri Aslan and Limon Film, “Avlu” is set in a female prison in Istanbul, and has the same characters as the Australian original, all trying to survive life behind bars.

The deal with Netflix was brokered by Fremantle’s distribution arm based in Dubai. The show will launch on Netflix on Friday.

In Turkey it debuted on Star TV in March 2018, and the broadcaster tripled its episode order for Season 2, to 33 installments of two hours each.

Fremantle-produced “Wentworth” has sold to 158 territories and has also been adapted in the Netherlands as “Celblok H,” in Germany as “Block B – Unter Arrest” and in Belgium as “Gent-West.”

Jamie Lynn, EVP head of EMEA distribution at Fremantle, said: “‘Avlu’ is a brave, modern, and groundbreaking series that truly stood out in the mercilessly competitive Turkish drama market.”

Hayri Aslan, owner of Limon Film, said: “‘Avlu’s’ upcoming broadcast on Netflix globally is a huge achievement for us, and I believe that it will be loved and followed by international audiences as well.”

Netflix has doubled down on Turkish drama in recent years, ordering original scripted series “The Gift” and “The Protector.”