NBC is developing an untitled project from writer and executive producer David Slack, to be helmed by Phillip Noyce, who will also be exec producing. Sony is the studio behind the show.

The series, about an “enigmatic billionaire” who has gathered more than 250 people who “have attempted to cheat death by having their bodies frozen in hopes that a future breakthrough would someday allow them to be brought back to life. However, as these people from different moments in time wake up, they soon realize you can’t cheat death without paying a price.”

Josh Berman and Chris King are also listed as executive producers.

Noyce’s executive producer credits include Fox’s “The Resident,” NBC’s “Crisis” and ABC’s “Revenge.” The longtime director has helmed dozens of projects in film and TV, including “What/If,” “The Resident,” the 2016 “Roots” mini-series, “Warrior,” “The Giver,” “Revenge,” and the upcoming “Killer 10.”

Slack, the creator of the 2017 Fox drama “A.P.B.,” has also worked on “MacGyver,” “Cam Girls,” “Person of Interest,” “Lie to Me,” “The Forgotten,” “In Plain Sight,” “Teen Titans,” and “Law & Order.”