Indie film and television studio MRC has acquired the rights to beloved children’s book series “Eloise,” written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight and first published in 1955.

The deal spans film, TV, live stage and related ancillary rights. MRC plans to work closely with Handmade Films, and work with the Thompson estate, Knight and book series publisher Simon & Schuster to develop the IP.

“We are honored to be entrusted with bringing Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight’s beloved Eloise to life for a new generation of children, as well as all her ardent admirers throughout the years,” said MRC Film co-presidents Brye Adler, Jonathan Golfman and MRC Television president Elise Henderson.  “We are thrilled to be once again partnering with Handmade and cannot wait to see what mishaps and
adventures Eloise gets herself into.”

In the stories, Eloise lives at The Plaza hotel in New York City, where she has a British nanny and owns two pets — a dog named Weenie and a turtle named Skipperdee.

“Eloise is a beloved, multi-generational little girl who has had over 60 years of great fun and adventures,” said Handmade Films’ Trudi Francis, who will executive produce on all productions. “We are very proud to have been involved with Eloise since 2003, working with the late Kay Thompson’s family, Hilary, the team at Simon & Schuster and Stephen Miller at The Plaza Hotel. We have always ensured we respect the fond memories of existing fans, and now look forward to introducing her to a whole new generation, with our friends at MRC, with whom we are delighted to be working with again on a project very dear to us.”