“The Man in the High Castle” executive producer Isa Dick Hackett and her Electric Shepherd Productions banner have signed a first look deal at Amazon.

The daughter of Philip K. Dick, Hackett is the co-founder and CEO of Electric Shepherd Productions. The company is dedicated to the stewardship and adaptation of the Philip K. Dick library, which she jointly owns with her siblings. Hackett also serves as trustee of the Philip K. Dick Trust.

“I am truly inspired by Jennifer Salke’s bold vision for Amazon Studios, and I’m thrilled to be partnering with her stellar creative team,” said Hackett. “Fans can expect exciting new collaborations to emerge from our efforts together, as always, with our continuing commitment to the sort of high-quality entertainment fans have come to expect from Philip K. Dick adaptations.”

In addition to serving as executive producer on the Amazon shows “Man in the High Castle” and “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams,” Hackett also executive produced “Adjustment Bureau,” the 2011 film based on Philip K. Dick’s short story “The Adjustment Team,” and is also credited for her work on Richard Linklater’s adaptation of “A Scanner Darkly.” Through Electric Shepherd, Hackett is currently developing several additional projects for film, television and other media, with an LA based creative team led by longtime collaborator Kalen Egan.

“It’s been my great pleasure getting to know Isa over the last year,” said Salke, head of Amazon Studios. “I’ve been inspired by her work on ‘The Man in the High Castle’ and ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’ and we’re thrilled that she’ll continue to develop future groundbreaking projects for Amazon Studios.”

Hackett was also involved in the resignation of former Amazon Studios head Roy Price. In October 2017, it was revealed that Price reportedly made several crude comments to her, including a reference to anal intercourse, and pressured her to have sex with him. Shortly after the incident came to light, Price was suspended by Amazon before he stepped down.