Hulu is no longer developing John Grisham’s “The Rainmaker” and “Rogue Lawyer” for the streaming platform, Variety has learned.

Michael Seitzman, creator of CBS dramas “Code Black” and “Intelligence,” had been tapped to oversee the multi-series so-called “Grisham Universe” alongside “Detroit 1-8-7” creator Jason Richman.

The two Grisham series were envisioned as two separate shows based on separate books, with story lines that would cross over.

It remains to be seen whether the pair of shows, which were initially slated to be produced by ABC Signature, will find a new home elsewhere at one of Disney’s many distribution platforms. Disney took full operational control of Hulu in May after Comcast struck a deal with Disney, relinquishing its control and agreeing to sell its stake in the streaming platform for at least $5.8 billion within five years. Hulu, once jointly owned by several media conglomerates, is now solely under Disney’s purview.

A separate Seitzman project in development, “Book of Enchantment,” was also recently brought to a halt. Disney Plus in late August decided not to move forward with the series based on Disney’s villains, including Ursula from “The Little Mermaid,” Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty,” the Wicked Queen from “Snow White” and Beast from “Beauty and the Beast.”

The Hollywood Reporter first reported the news that “The Rainmaker” and “Rogue Lawyer” would not move forward at Hulu.