Jeff Glor devoted the final few seconds of “CBS Evening News” on Friday to a story that’s not often told to his viewers: Dozens of staffers help him put together the program each night.

Glor would have been well within his rights to take a few moments to reflect on his tenure at the long-running evening newscast. It was, after all, his final appearance as anchor of the show. CBS News earlier this week announced an overhaul of its morning and evening programs in a bid to reverse months of ratings declines.

Instead, Glor made sure the people behind the cameras got part of the spotlight. “CBS Evening News” staffers, he said, work harder than viewers might recognize. “Their hours are long and often unpredictable. Their family and friends are unfailingly patient. I am awed every day by their dedication to writing the first draft of history, and telling America’s story. I am awed by their grace. I thank them – and you. I’ll see you soon.” Viewers subsequently saw a long roll of credits across the screen that acknowledged camera operators and makeup personnel, everyone from senior producer Molly Kordares to Lance Frank, the public-relations executive who represents the show.

Glor took the reins of the program in December of 2017, picking up the baton from Scott Pelley, who anchored the program between 2011 and 2017. His focus has long been on his work, not tooting his own horn. “We are trying to get a little better every day,” he told Variety in 2018.

Glor spent his final broadcast relaying stories about the tariff battle between the U.S. and China; jockeying between the U.S. and Iran; and a chemical spill in Houston, among other stories. During a segment on weather, he asked whether people on the East Coast would catch a break from predictions of rain on Mother’s Day. And he introduced his final segment, a tear-jerking “On the Road” report from Steve Hartman about a boy who insisted on never missing a day of school to honor his sister.

Glor’s final dispatch as anchor came during Thursday’s broadcast, when a report he prepared from the Grand Canyon was put on the air.

CBS News will rotate anchors on “CBS Evening News” for a few weeks until Norah O’Donnell takes over as anchor this summer. John Dickerson is slated to sit in next week.

“I wish Norah O’Donnell the best of luck, but she won’t need it, because of all the people backing her up,” Glor said.