Watch Harry Styles Eat Cod Sperm Instead of Admitting What Songs He Wrote About Kendall Jenner

Harry Styles Kendall Jenner

Harry Styles served as guest host of “The Late Late Show” on Tuesday. The “Lights Up” singer delivered the late-night show’s monologue, drove host James Corden to work in a mini version of “Carpool Karaoke” and interviewed Kendall Jenner.

Styles challenged Jenner to a game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,” in which the two asked each other personal questions at the risk of eating whatever gross food was in front of them, if they didn’t answer truthfully. Jenner — unlike Styles — was well-versed in the rules of the game, having played with Corden in 2016.

“How do they get the sperm out of the cod?” Styles wondered aloud about their food choices.

Jenner answered the first question, admitting that she ranked sister Kourtney Kardashian as the worst parent in the family’s large clan.

After Jenner asked Styles what songs on his last album were about her — as his reported former love interest — he donned a bib and dug into the cod sperm.

“To spit or to swallow, that is the question,” Styles said before spitting sperm into a bucket.

Later, Styles admitted that he had watched an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” before: “It was the one where you were all eating salads in the kitchen. And then you were shouting at each other.”

“So you’ve seen every episode,” Jenner quipped.

Earlier on, Corden helped Styles belt out his single “Watermelon Sugar” on their way to work.

The two-time guest host delivered the opening monologue, ripping on Donald Trump and the two articles of impeachment against him.

“Thanks for giving me an easy one, James,” Styles said. “The articles have been formally written up, and to make sure Trump reads them, they’ve included lots of pictures and some scratch-and-sniff stickers.”

After a formal chat with Jenner and Tracee Ellis Ross (“Black-ish”), and a short sketch with Styles interviewing himself, the singer ended his guest stint by performing “Adore You” from his new album, “Fine Line,” out Dec. 13.