Actions speak louder than words, which certainly rang true on Sunday night’s epic installment of “Game of Thrones.” But it also featured some great, albeit short exchanges between key characters as the fiery Battle raged on.

Here were our favorite lines from Season 8, Episode 3, titled “The Long Night”:

Spoilers ahead!

“There’s no need to execute me, Sir Davos, I’ll be dead before the dawn.”
The Red Lady to Sir Davos upon entering Winterfell.

“I don’t know how to use it.”
“Stick em’ with the pointy end”
Arya hands her sister, Sansa, a dagger made of dragon glass before she heads to the crypt.

“If I was out there…” “You’d die”
Tyrion huffed and puffed about being stuck in the crypt. But Sansa reminded him this was no Battle of Blackwater.

“Maybe we should’ve stayed married.”
“”It wouldn’t work between us.”
“Why not?”
“The dragon queen – the divided loyalities would become a problem.”
Another Tyrion-Sansa exchange, right before the White Walkers storm the crypt.

“Bran, I wish the things I did…”
“Everything you did brought you where you are now…home”
Theon to Bran Stark, whom Grey joy was protecting under the Weirwood tree.

“We’re fighting death! We can’t beat death”
The Hound temporarily gives up to the disbelief of Beric Dondarrion

“You said we’d meet again.”
“And here we are…at the end of the world.”
Arya Stark to the Red Lady after the young warrior found her waiting in the tomb.

“What do we say to the God of death?”
“Not today”
The Red Lady’s final words – she would later die, as promised – to Arya Stark.

“Theon, you’re a good man. Thank you”
Bran Stark to Theon before he makes an ill-fated run for the Night King.